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How to Make an excellent first impression in a Job Interview

Did you know that when you meet someone, they quickly form an impression of you? It’s pretty interesting how fast that happens! One effective strategy for acing an interview is to grab the interviewer’s attention right away, making them feel at ease and comfortable with you. Of course, skills are important, but it’s also true that people highly value a person’s personality, looks, and actions.

The corporate world is typically known for its professional and conventional atmosphere. If you’re interviewing for a job with an investment bank, it’s a good idea to wear a stylish, well-fitted suit. At our awesome startup tech company, we totally embrace a more relaxed dress code!

The managers are looking for someone they can feel comfortable with. Because they will be working closely with you, it’s important for the supervisors to like and trust you. To capture their interest, you just need to play the game by doing a few things. Here are a few friendly suggestions to help you make a fantastic first impression!

The interviewer plays a crucial role in the process.

Right now, the person interviewing you is the most important person. It would be great if you could give them your full and undivided attention.

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In the media, there is often a portrayal of winning someone over as being done by a smooth, fast-talking salesperson who charms their way into sealing a big deal. Actually, that approach tends to have negative consequences. It would be great if you could try taking a different approach and set aside your ego. It’s always great to listen more than you speak! You aim to be sincere, real, understanding, and genuinely interested in how you can assist the manager.

A great approach would be to kindly inquire about how you can assist them, and genuinely listen to their needs. Once you find out what the important tasks are, feel free to ask specific questions to get more details! The more they chat, the more they’ll grow fond of you! In addition to the job description, you now have some awesome insights from the source about what’s needed for the position. You can start by addressing the pain points in a friendly way. Share a bit about your background, talents, experience, skills, and education that will make you a great fit for the role.

Making eye contact, smiling, and using positive body language

There are some simple steps you can take to make a positive impression on the interviewer. Whether you’re having an in-person meeting or a video call, it’s important to remember to make eye contact. This doesn’t mean you should keep staring at them for a long time. It’s all about demonstrating that you’re fully engaged and really listening to what the person is saying, taking in all the information.

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In addition to maintaining eye contact, it’s always nice to nod your head every now and then to show that you agree and understand what the other person is saying. When the time feels right, it’s always nice to offer a warm smile and a little sparkle in your eyes. It shows that you’re genuinely interested in the role and the company.

Hey there! Remember to stay present in the moment. Please try to remain still in your seat, keep your focus on the camera, and avoid any distractions. When you’re in someone’s office, it’s always nice to sit up straight, pull your shoulders back, and just relax. During a video call, it’s important to make sure that your lighting, sound, and video quality are excellent. To create a cohesive look, it’s important to align the background with the image you want to showcase.

Could you please ask questions that demonstrate your interest?

We understand that compensation, raises, bonuses, stock options, career progression, and work style (remote, hybrid, in-office, flexible) are top priorities for you. Let’s set them aside for now, shall we?

What are some good questions to ask about the hiring manager? Could you please ask the interviewer what attracted them to work at this company? May I ask if you enjoy your job? I was wondering if you could kindly share the reasons behind your decision to choose me over the other candidates.

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These questions will help start a conversation. You’ll gain a wealth of knowledge from their answers! It’s a positive sign when the person conducting the interview is more talkative than the interviewee. The interviewer seems to be really interested in you because they are putting in a lot of effort to explain the job and its benefits.

Later on, during subsequent interviews, you can feel free to ask about salary, bonuses, vacations, and other important matters. First, it’s important to focus on getting buy-in from others. Once you have their support, negotiating salary and other details will become easier down the line.

Mirror, Hi there!

Everyone has their own unique way of speaking! In New York City, people have a fast-paced and energetic way of speaking. People from the Midwest tend to have a relaxed, calm, and unhurried pace. If you’re not familiar with the other person’s style, it might not leave the best impression.

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Sure, I can definitely help you with that! Mirroring the interviewer’s cadence is a great way to establish rapport and create a positive connection during an interview. It shows that you are attentive and engaged in This doesn’t mean you should just copy what they say. It’s all about adjusting your speech pattern to match the interviewer’s style. This will help them feel more relaxed and at ease.

Hey there! I just wanted to mention something else. By the way, I hope you’re doing well, [User’s Name]. Using someone’s name in a conversation can make them feel more valued and engaged. It’s really nice because it helps to bring people closer and creates a sense of intimacy. Try not to use it too much, or else the person might feel overwhelmed by hearing it too often.

Let’s remember to always stay positive, genuine, and authentic!

No matter how challenging your previous boss and co-workers may have been, it’s best to avoid speaking negatively or disrespectfully about them. If you do, everyone in the interview process might think that you’ll speak negatively about them in the future when you interview with another company.

Sure thing! It’s great that you’re aiming to project a positive, motivated, and enthusiastic vibe. Keep up the awesome attitude! Please show that you are a team player. Please try to be yourself and not pretend to be someone you’re not. Instead, be yourself and true to who you are.

Why not show them the authentic you?

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